Sunwha leaves SECRET


26th September 2016: TS Entertainment announced the departure of Sunwha, who has been with SECRET for the past seven years. She decided to focus on her career as an acress. The remaining three members renewed their contracts with the agency and are going to continue working as a group. 

SECRET is a girlgroup that I really enjoy listening to and I have been desperately waiting for a comeback for a long time now.
(Seems like I will have to wait even longer, as Ji-Eun is currently slaying with her new song Bobby Doll.)

Even though I have never paid much attention to Sunhwa, simply because she never really caught my eye, there still is a big gap in the group now and it does hurt my heart quite a bit. I sincerely hope that she has a lot of success and, most importantly, fun while following her dreams to become an actress. I will definitely miss her -seeing SECRET perform with only three members is going to be hard- but I am also happy that the group did not disband completely, like 4Minute and KARA.

I wish Sunhwa the best of luck and that she will be happy and successful in her new agency!



Favourite Artists: Girlgroup Edition


I have to be honest. I barely ever listen to boy groups. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t even know the answer myself.

(But what I know is that I often get weird looks from fellow female fans of South Korean culture once I tell them that I don’t know a single member of EXO or B.A.P.)

But while I try to make a list of the one and a half boy groups I actually know, feel free to check out this list of my favourite girl groups!


I remember exactly how in January 2015 I first heard of a girl named SinB who was said to look a lot like Jessica Jung. As a loyal supporter of the ex-member of Girls’ Generation this lady had caught my eye. I couldn’t wait to hear their debut song and when it was finally released, Glass Bead had me hooked from the first time I heard it. With every comeback I grew more amazed by these six girls’ synchronicity, energy and charm. I have to admit that I was not completely convinced of their vocals (except Yuju), but today I can say that they have improved immensely and earned every ounce of their popularity!
Bias: Yuju
Favourite songs: Click, Glass Bead, Luv Star


Honestly, who could resist the charm of these four cute beagles? ‘Cause I definitely can’t, especially since I discovered them through their song Um Oh Ah Yeah. They have taken my heart by storm with their fantastic voices and their exciting, unique concepts!
Bias: Wheein
Favourite Songs: Taller Than You, Piano Man, Um Oh Ah Yeah


Ever since their debut with Happiness in 2014, I have not been able to get them out of my mind. I keep replaying Russian Roulette. I seriously can’t stop listening to it. I also really enjoy that they almost got the same amount of singing time, whoo! After Be Natural I had kind of lost hope and expected them to continue as Seulgu&Wendy featuring some backup dancers, but I got a pleasant surprise! HEART B-B-BEAT! 
Bias: Irene
Favourite Songs: Russian Roulette, Lady’s Room, Red Dress



To be honest, I have never really paid attention to artists from YG, but Boombayah and Whistle are insanely good! Every single member can sing very well, their charisma is incredible and I’m not even gonna start talking about Jennie’s and Lisa’s rapping. Powerful debut, keep slaying!
Favourite Songs: Boombayah, Whistle (duh)

Other groups I enjoy:
> Twice
> f(x)
> After School